Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

June 10, 2010

Kevin Costner's Oil Centrifuge

Turn on any real news channel, and The Spill has top billing. This morning on CNN, there were two stories that got my attention. The first was an interview of BP's COO, Doug Suttles. The transcripts of this interview haven't been released, so I am writing from memory.

What struck me about this was that Suttles came off like a seasoned politician: he did not answer the questions! When John Roberts asked him how he felt about being the "most hated man in Louisiana", he paused and said something like, "Well, there is a lot of work to do..." He then went on to talk about something completely unrelated to the question. He did not give a direct answer to any of Robert's questions. No wonder the prevailing feeling is that BP is witholding the truth, and denying the truth. In my opinion, BP is responsible for this disaster, but the company continues to gloss over the magnitude of it.

The other news item I found interesting is that Kevin Costner has been investing in a centrifuge that is capable of separating oil from water. He's been trying to get the government and the oil industry to pay attention to this device for some time, but has been met with apathy. Well, they are paying attention now! According to the article, BP has now ordered 32 of the machines. Only 32? Hello! They should be ordering 320,000 of them!

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