Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

September 24, 2019

Rebuilding Ocracoke.

September 15, 2019

Ocracoke Strong!

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Ocracoke. I started visiting this glorious island 20 years ago with my then very young sons. They are grown and on their own now, but we still make our way to Ocracoke every summer to spend precious family time together. The experiences they had there helped them become the men they are today! There is no other place like Ocracoke...

The community of Ocracoke is strong and tight-knit that is accustomed to weather events ranging from thunder storms to major hurricanes. However, Hurricane Dorian dealt a blow unknown since the 1940s. On September 6, 2019, this storm blew a 7-foot storm surge across the island that inundated homes, businesses, and infrastructure. No body on the island was spared in Dorian’s wake. The reports coming from the island are heart breaking.
While the storm pummeled Ocracoke, I was stuck far away, and unable to help in any way except in notes of support. When the storm moved on, I wanted to help my friends dig out from under the rubble. But that wasn't possible either. I felt pretty darned helpless and worthless. Then, I remembered! While fishing with my friend, Norman, he said in passing, "You need to get your fish on T-shirts."

Suddenly, I realized I wasn't frozen or unable to help. I called my friend, Candice, and told her about my epiphany. She  jumped on board and enlisted her friend, Mel, who runs Bread and Butter Screen Printing. Mel joined the team, and together we developed this fund-raising T-shirt. 

“Tight Lines, Tight Community” Hurricane Relief T-shirt features my original Red Drum illustration, and is professionally designed and produced by Bread and Butter Screen Printing.

Each durable shirt is custom made, on a high-quality 100% cotton Gilden T, and is available in Mint Green, Sky Blue, and Ash Gray. They will stand the test of time, and proudly show your support toward recovery!

100% of profits will go to the Outer Banks Community Foundation for Ocracoke hurricane relief.
Check out their great work at

You can further help by making a direct donation, or order multiple shirts to share with your circle of friends and family who love or support Ocracoke.

Every little bit helps rebuild this special island.

Thank you for your support!