Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

May 12, 2014

Fish Porn - AKA: Eye Candy

When I first saw this trailer on FB, I thought I was in for another dose of meat fishing.
Not so!
To my happy surprise, I was served a healthy dose of catch and release. Extreme catch and release.
Those barnacles have got to hurt...
I look forward to the full length version.
For more information click here: Morning Tide Fishing

May 3, 2014

The Fish Cave

The Fish Cave (aka: my office)

Life in the Fish Cave has been something of a pressure cooker. I've had little time to think about anything other than illustrating and therefore, no time to post. Work has ramped up in the past year and I'm currently producing a new poster and three new books:
A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes - from Alaska to California, Tunas and Billfishes of the World, and Florida Saltwater Fish ID.
We recently published Gulf of Mexico Saltwater Fish ID.
The first two books in the list have competing 2015 deadlines. And while I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I also foresee very little wiggle room! For the next ~12 months, my days and weekends will be filled with work work work, research, painting, planning, copy editing, designing.... Don't get me wrong, I actually LOVE working! Producing something tangible, meaningful, lasting, and educational is tremendously rewarding.
That said, my neglect of this little space became too much to ignore.
My Mom mentioned how much she liked reading this blog. Friends have repeatedly told me they worry about my lack of 'balance'. My husband complains that I spend too much time working.
So, I've made a promise to post something fun, interesting, or thought-provoking at least once per week. While this entry may not fall under any of those catagories, it at least marks my re-entry.