Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

June 15, 2010

Sharks Smell in Stereo

This is interesting, and it makes sense.

When humans are searching for something by sound, we turn toward the direction of sound. If our right ear hears the sound first, we turn right. Apparently, this concept explains how sharks navigate toward prey. Scientists with Mote Marine Lab, Woods Hole, and University of South Florida have found that when a shark smells blood or some other prey indicator, it turns in the direction of which nostril smelled it first! It was long believed that sharks navigated by concentrations of odors. This study sheds new light.

It could also explain why some offshore sharks are making their way to inshore waters after The Spill. If sharks can smell and move toward blood, is it possible that they can smell and move away from oil? Furthermore, all fishes are equipped with a sense of smell. If sharks can avoid the oil, would other species be able to as well? It may be wishful thinking...but again, it may not.

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