Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

September 30, 2010

Facebook, Fish Geeks, and Funny Videos

Facebook is a funny place. It's a place that isn't even a real place, which makes it, shall I say, a cyber funny place. A cyber funny community place. Whatever it is, it's popular. Very popular.

I was coerced by professional book promoters, authors, and marketing specialists to create a page, and get 'out there.' I was told that if I had wanted to protect my anonymity, I should not have become an author. Time to go global. So, after much reluctance, I signed up and joined the Facebook movement.

I have to say, it's been informative, functional, and down-right fun. I've made quite a few very interesting connections with new 'FB' friends, and old, long-lost real friends. If you are on Facebook, I need not explain.
OK, now back to this post...

I started out, oh, about six months ago with a handful of real friends and family. It was warm, and fuzzy. Then, I started getting 'friend requests.' This scared me, but not for long. These came from other fish geeks. Fishermen, divers, captains, snorkelers, etc. I started reaching out to other fish geeks, and suddenly, I'm now connected to over 800 fishy friends. And, boy do they have a lot to share!

Pictures, videos (see above), albums, stories, quotes, inspiration.... it goes on and on. This is an obsessive bunch (see previous post about Steve Not the Founder of Apple Wozniak). And we really could use a support group...
Epiphany! Facebook is the support group! We 'get' it, and we 'get' eachother. By 'we' I mean fish geeks. So, if you are an obsessive fisherman, you too, will 'get' the above video that someone lovingly made and shared on Facebook. If not, I can't help you!

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