Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

December 2, 2011

Killing Baby Swords

I thought long and hard about keeping this blog permanently light and airy. Make it all fluff and stuff. Happy happy! In other words: keep the negative news out.
And besides, that would make me (in simple terms) fake.
So, oh well. A depressing video of Swordfish juvies brought to slaughter.

The translation at the bottom reads: "Fishery associations and political forces are fighting to amend the Community rules on fishing bans fishing: the use of the hook no. 7 with the technique of the line makes a real slaughter of small swordfish"

Maybe these fishermen will 'get it'. Maybe not. But one thing's for sure, YouTube exposed it. Until someone takes the vid down.


  1. I linked to your blog in a post I have done with this video
    Hope you don't mind. I you do just let me know.

  2. Hello,

    When I started my blog I had the same idea as you, that is, a light hearted blog where I could share my experiences and pass on information to younger angles to keep fishing an enjoyable sport. It didn’t last long. Soon I was shocked by the things I found on the net, and shocked to find that many people here (Spain) saw me as some kind of threat. The Video (I shall now add to my page) is a perfect example of how we (humanity) are destroying the ocean. Shameful!

    Thank you, and never stop airing your views.


  3. Val Kells12/03/2011

    Fish Whisperer - no problem. Thanks!
    Frank, Thanks for the encouragement. Will do.

  4. wow thats just horrable, this is the reason why they are banning sport fishing of larger fish because idiots like that are killing the fisherys! that makes me so angry. I hope you dont mind me posting this on some sites that i have.. makes my blood boil, as it should everyones!


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