Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

December 28, 2011

Most Valuable Tool on Your Boat?

I have several, simple rules when I'm in charge of a boat and its passengers:

1. I'm the boss. What I say goes. No questions.
2. When you're done in the tackle box, CLOSE and LOCK the box.
3. Knife and pliers go back in the bait box, and CLOSE the box.
4. Watch your back cast.
5. No hooks on deck.

Why? Safety.
Why else? Those tools (especially the knife and pliers) can be invaluable.

I learned my lesson long ago. Back in 2002, I was fishing alone off Bermuda. Catching lots of oddballs. I got lazy and tried to flip a Squirrelfish off the hook instead of reaching for the pliers. I got stuck good. Lots of blood, pain, numbness.

So, please keep your knife and pliers safe, and use them to unhook your potentially dangerous fish! And... DON'T do this:
(PS: That's not a Cookiecutter Shark. If it had been, those fingers would be gone.)


  1. There can be only one captain on the boat. Your rules are very much the same as my rules.

    PS. The guy got what he deserved for being stupid. He should count himself lucky.

  2. More trout were caught in the cooler water temperature areas.When boating, it is possible to get caught unexpectedly in bad weather???


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