Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

January 11, 2012

Open Letter to my Sons

By way of explanation, we have a cat named Pluto who has been with us for over 17 years. We adopted him from our local SPCA. Family stories about Pluto's escapades are too numerous to recount. In the simplest terms, he is a part of our colorful family fabric.

Recently, he's begun to decline. Blindness has set in on top of recurring ear issues. Antibiotics help his ears, but only to stave off dizziness. He's almost completely deaf. His remaining senses are smell, and touch. If he walks straight, he walks straight into. If he walks abreast, his whiskers signal him to turn. Corners trap him completely -- so when he gives up, he sits and stares into nowhere.

As we approach the end of our relationship with him in this life, I want to keep my sons abreast of developments. They have known, loved, and helped me care for Pluto since he came into our lives. But they are both away at school, and I am in my office with Pluto as my charge. And, this cat has been my ever-present companion. For many many years, he made homes in the cubby holes among my shelves of artwork. He chased the shadows of birds feeding at my windows. He meowed to get into my attic, and I waited for his meows to get out... But I digress...

Open letter to my sons:
Pluto is doing really well, considering.
After much thought, I've realized much of my fear was not about how he is - he seems OK. He's not sick sick, and besides weak kidneys, he's just disabled! I was afraid I couldn't take care of him. But, how would I know if I didn't try???? It's going to take some effort, but that's part of the deal when you adopt a pet. You're in it for the long haul...

So, after a couple of weeks of his blindness and deafness, we seem to be figuring it out. He gives signals, I read the signals and try to give him what he's asking for. Loud MMMOOOOW! may mean he wants to go out, or he's just lost. After he eats, he sometimes likes to have some water. So, if he can't find the bowl, I take him there and put his paws on the rim. He realizes he's at the bowl, and either tests it with his paw, or begins to drink. Fascinating.

He had challenging potty visits to the mulch beds today. RAIN! He did not like that. And I did not like the cold. But, whatever...

This afternoon I went to visit Tory and Bill, and left Pluto asleep on the couch. I'd checked all the doors, including the cat door. When I got back, I couldn't find him!! Freak out! I turned on all the lights and searched every crevice. He was No Where. I thought, 'No way he's in my office.' But, lo and behold, there he was, curled up and asleep on my floor. How the HECK did he find his way up there??? Who knows. He seemed happy.

Then later, he went down the stairs on his own (!), but after bumping his way around the fish room he decided he'd had enough and started to meow. I rescued him; took him outside; he did his business; then found his way to the dog bed and licked himself in front of the fire.

I've ordered Dad NOT to leave Pluto outside by himself. Fingers crossed.
See attached pic of Pluto in my office.
Love you guys. Be good!


  1. Hello Mr. Kells

    We adopt a pet and they reward us with their antics and love. We take care of them and inadvertently push them beyond their natural life.

    I myself adopted a cat which was to be killed because it was black. Not a racist issue but the mother's owner thought it was a witches cat.

    She did turn out to be a bit of a witch (with a capital B) but how can I not feel attached to such a fluff ball.

    Sometimes I think of the day that all you are talking about will come. I hope I can bear it.

    I glad Pluto's in your care and I'm sure he is too.


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  3. Hi it's me again. Just to say sorry for referring to you as Mr. A slip of the finger!
    My apologies Miss, Ms or Mrs. Kells


  4. No worries! Thanks for your kind thoughts. Animals drift into our lives, and out of our lives. Embrace every moment! Cheers, VK

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