Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

January 30, 2012

Saltwater Fly Retrieves - with Angelo Peluso

One of the perks of my business is that I get to meet and work with the most interesting and accomplished folks in the industry. And, through these varied relationships I also get to grow professionally and personally. Each collaboration takes me and my associates down some challenging, fascinating, and very rewarding roads.

Angelo Peluso is a highly regarded fisherman and expert fly-tier. He's also a successful author, contributor, and talented photographer. His books include Tia, The Story of a Mouse and an Eagle, Flyfishing Long Island, and most recently, Saltwater Flies of the Northeast. He and I will collaborate on his next flyfishing book in the coming months.

While my enthusiasm for fishing far exceeds my ability, Angelo's ability has been honed and perfected through years of experience. He recently posted the below video. Simple, clear, and concise instruction. The fly he's using is one of his variations (of which there are many) of a large Lefty's Deceiver. He said he's had some really good luck with it on larger bass both on Long Island and in New England.

If you'd like to visit Angelo's site, Click Here. If you'd like to check out his books, check out the link below.

PS: I suspect his handwriting is a bit like mine (see below)... but I'll let you know :)

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  1. Completely trustworthy." I also wanted to make sure he produces quality products. I've spent my career building a reputation centered on integrity and high quality.


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