Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

December 5, 2010

17-Year Old Godfish Gets New Lease On Life

Seems like a flashy title for a critter so small. But to many people, including myself, fish can take on as much importance as pet dogs, cats, horses, pigs...

Our family kept fishes for well over a dozen years. The tanks were always in a bit of flux as the fishes duked it out - some surviving, most not. Neons, zebras, ghouramis, suckers, killis, you name it. We even had a Largemouth bass, and a slew of Bluegills raised from fry. When the electricity went out, the fear was not a melting icebox, but a cold fish tank! We fussed and loved over the parade of fishes. And, many a tear was shed when a particularly favorite fish passed. We gave them the same honors as our other pets: a ceremony, and a respectful burial. I'm not lying!

I had a Beta (named 'Gamma') that kept me company for three years while I completed my book. By some miracle, he lived just long enough for me to reach my deadline. That fish made me smile, in return I took very good care of him. Go ahead and laugh, that's OK. I'm not alone.

People will go to great lengths to save a furry friend. And some may do the same for pet fishes. Others may not. The stories of "flushed" goldfish abound. This goldfish was lucky. And I'm glad these folks felt this fish was just as worthy of surgery as any other beloved pet. Why not? 17 years is a long time to have a fish!

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