Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

January 19, 2018

Ban Balloons!

I noticed an event on FB that will be held in memory of persons to be un-named. It was dubbed "Balloons and Beers." Apparently, the organizers wanted to join up, release balloons in memorial, then reconvene for beers. In my town. Just a few miles away from my home. I sent them a note and asked them NOT to let balloons fly.

Balloons and their tethers are B-A-D! They choke, they strangle, they entangle, they slice, they suffocate, they cause blockages and deaths to birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes... and on and on.

Made from rubber (a source built on the destruction of forests), and twine (what the heck goes into that horrible twine?), balloons represent another one-and-done, use-it-once-throw-it-away, unnecessary, wasteful, human trifle. What's the point? Yay! We let a bunch of rubber and plastic loose into the environment to "celebrate" XYZ.

The movement is at hand. People are wising up.
Plastic straws? Your days are numbered.
Plastic bags? Ditto.
Balloons? I wish they were gone from this planet forever.... beginning now.

Warning: The imagery is grotesque.

PS: Just heard that the organizers have rethought the event and have decided not to let balloons fly. YAY!!!!

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