Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

Great Barracuda - Sphyraena barracuda

January 13, 2018

Sh-thole Countries???

Every morning I brace myself for more vitriol, negativity, attacks, destruction, and lies from the alternate reality that this nation's highest office seems to live in. When the news exploded over T-rumps "Sh-thole" comments, I was enraged. But I soon realized I was wasting my energy. Nothing is likely to change in the next three years. The dye is cast and I am better off spending my energy in positive ways.

Thankfully, at least one of my Facebook friends put a cynical (and hysterical) spin on recent events.

I hope this make you laugh as loud as I did.

"Shithole Countries throughout history that have seen mass immigration to the US:

1619-1865 - Slaves, West Africa. Forced to come to, what would have been to them at the time, a shithole country.
1620 - Puritans, English. Left shithole England because of religious intolerance.
1840’s - Irish. Left shithole Ireland due to massive famine.
1800’s - Germans. Left shithole Germany due to overcrowding and lack of opportunity. (Trumpf is of German descent, Bavaria to be precise. F. Trump left the shithole of Bavaria because he was a Calvanist in a mostly Catholic country). Bavaria was such a shithole it doesn’t exist anymore.
1850’s - Chinese. Left shithole China due to lack of opportunity and in search of riches. Many were ’Shangaied” as indentured slaves.
1870’s - Russia. Russians occupied what is now Alaska looking to escape the shithole Czars and revolution.
1880-1920 - Central, Eastern & Southern Europeans. Italians due to shithole economy and Jews due to shithole pogroms.
1940-1950’s - Germany. Germans left their destroyed shithole country. 
1940-1950’s - Poland. Poles left their destroyed shithole country.
1960’s - Cuba. Cubans leave their shithole country because of Communism.
1990’s - Haiti. Haitians leave Haiti due to an unending procession of storms and Dictators. I’ve left out other shithole countries in South and Central America (too many to count).

We seem to be a nation populated by shithole people from shithole countries."

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